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Why You Need Travel Insurance

When people travel, they tend to focus on the trip itself, by worrying about plane tickets, rental cars, and hotel rooms. Sometimes they'll worry about what to do and where to eat, but oftentimes, even those are things people think about once they get to where they are going. One thing many people miss during the planning phases of a trip is travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you, your family, and your investment through not only the accommodations, but what you bring with you on the trip.

Various Types of Travel Insurance

Flight Insurance: This type of insurance pays out big if the plane crashes and you're on it. This is so rare, you don't really need to purchase this coverage.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance : This one is only needed based on the price of the trip. If's a fairly standard and cheap trip, don't worry about it. But, if you're taking an expensive once-in-a -lifetime trip across the globe, you should probably get the insurance. This way, you don't lose your investment if you get sick or something else happens that prohibits you from being able to take the trip.

Health Care insurance: If you already have health insurance, you may be covered, but most health insurance will not pay to bring you back to the U.S. from a foreign country, should you become sick enough to need hospitalization.

Baggage Insurance: This protects your baggage if it's lost, stolen, or damaged.

Non Refundable Insurance: This insurance covers your non-refundable ticket, in the event that you have to make changes to your travel after you buy your ticket. You should expect to pay around $13 per $100 on the ticket value for this service.

Adventure Travel: This is ideal if you'll be doing any sort of adventure activities, such as hiking, mountain climbing, or bungee jumping.

Golf Insurance:This type of insurance protects your golf equipment against loss, equipment delay, and a golf fee refund.

Credit Card Coverage: Booking your trip on your credit card should automatically provide some coverages, but you should contact your credit card company to find out the details of that coverage before assuming that you do not need additional travel coverage.

Whether you buy any or all of these policies is up to you, and will be based on your needs. For instance, if you're not going on an adventure travel, or golfing, you won't need these types of insurance. The same is true of non refundable insurance if you didn't purchase a non-refundable ticket. Make sure you read the fine print and understand what exactly your policy covers before you commit to buying it.